News - May 11, 2008

CLC Dandelion launched! CLC Dandelion is a web-based Daisy player that Daisy content owners can use to provide playback of Daisy books directly over the internet. Dandelions are a type of daisy with seeds carried by the wind; thus Dandelion seemed like a fitting name for a player designed to live in the web cloud. Dandelion runs in the browser and uses JavaScript and Flash; it will work for most end-users without needing them to install any additional software. Dandelion uses the AxsSound library from the Google-AxsJAX project.

This is a very early, proof-of-concept release. Many Daisy features have yet to be implemented and some minor changes need to be made for IE compatibility; however, it will already automatically read forwards, stop, and go to the next/prev section in Firefox. To use this, simply put the clcd_container.html file in the same directory as your Daisy book content on your web server.